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Friday, June 13, 2008

How To Get Backlinks From High Authority Sites In Your Niche

Getting quality backlinks is among the most effective ways to promote your simple work from home opportunity website. For newbies, getting these quality backlinks means asking to be linked to a site with higher authority than your own, which is not easy. Why would a site give you the PR juice when your own site has nothing equal to exchange.

That said, here are some ways that you may approach higher ranked sites for a backlink.

1. Offer to write something exclusively unique for the higher authority site

Whether it is a testimony or just a niche relevant article, offering exclusively unique content is a welcome gesture. It may just work.

2. Commenting on their blog

If the site has a blog, you can always comment on a particular blog entry. Just say something nice and positive. Then include your website link when signing. This is one of the easier method as you don't need prior permission from the site to do it. However, just make sure the blog is a dofollow kind. If it is nofollow, the search engines will not see it to index it. No indexing, no backlink.

3. Posting in their forum

If the site has a forum, participation is what they look for. Commenting on their forum will most definitely give you a backlink as you plant your site link in your signature. Stay away from private forums, though. If the forum is a private one, it would require a password to read and/or post. Your links planted in this kind of forum will not be seen by the search engines as they are blocked by the password protection.

For further guidelines on forum posting, you may want to read article "Effective Forum Posting Guidelines".


Ying Hong

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renae1262 said...

hi ying,
just took a look a your blog you have alot of usefull info on there for people just starting out awesome job
i saw your link in ss good luck and keep giving good info for new netters

renae a pope

Anonymous said...

Great post Ying ;-).