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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cool Keyword Research Tools Completely Free

Keyword research is what home based work from home business owners go through sooner or later in order to promote their business website. It is also a continuous process, which means that you need to do this research every now and then to make sure your keyword choice is still up to date or if there are other additional keywords that you would like to target.

There are many tools on the web that provide assistance in keyword research. Real good ones such as WordTracker cost $329/year approx. This is a steep investment for newbies. Here are two free alternatives that I find easy to use.

Use WordTracker's free version to generate the daily search count of 100 related keyword phrases. You can see counts listed next to each term. It is advisable to choose a keyword phrase with at least 50 counts per day to be worth the effort.

Use this link to determine if your chosen phrase is too competitive. There are also other options at the same site to determine keyword density of a given url, keyword optimization, keyword position, etc. This is a very useful resource.

There will be a point when you feel the paid version of a keyword tool is worthwhile. Unitl then, these free tool will help you a long way.

Ying Hong

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