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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sure Way To Succeed With Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity

I receive newsletters in email from various sources every day. Today one of those newsletters has a short article on Abraham Lincoln, which I found extremely profound and having solid relevance to pursuing simple work from home opportunities on the Internet. It practically spells out the sure way to succeed.

Abraham Lincoln is probably among the highest regarded president in the United States. Was he talented for presidency? Perhaps, but not what the failures he kept having appeared to indicate. Look at the streams of failures he had prior to being elected president:

- In 1832, Lincoln was defeated in an attempt to become Speaker of the Illinois legislature.
- In 1843 he was defeated in an attempt to win nomination for Congress.
- In 1846, he was elected to Congress, but had to leave two years later because his party had a policy of limiting terms.
- In 1854, he lost a run for the U.S. Senate.
- In 1856, he lost the nomination for vice president, and in 1858, he was again defeated in a race for the Senate.

Most people would have lost faith in face of these back to back failures. But not Abraham Lincoln. His personal strength, vision and persistence paid off when he was finally elected president in 1860.

Abraham Lincoln's failures never dictated his destiny; his own vision did. Each time he failed, he failed upwards instead of downwards. What inspiring lesson that we could all learn from Abraham Lincoln!

In any kind of pursuit, work from home opportunities on the Internet included, failures are just facts of life; but they do not have be the destiny if the the individual does not allow themto be.

To all people who may need some advice facing setbacks, try to learn from Lincoln; shoot for something even higher every time you fail, doubling your effort. The failures will be more than compensated for when you do succeed in the end.

And succeed, you shall.

Ying Hong

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