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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Simple Work From Home Opportunity: How To Come Up With Topics To Write About

Coming up with topics to write about your simple work from home opportunity is one obstacle that new Internet marketers often come across. I had this problem myself. Every now and then, I still feel that I need some extra inspiration. Here is a few things that I do to overcome this obstacle.

I carve out some time to assemble a long list of niche related article titles from various sites. My last list had about 500 titles, most of which from ArticleDashboard. All these titles give me some idea of respective topics to write about. Although I may not be inspired by each one of them, after going through enough titles, I usually would form my own idea of an article.

The extra effort of brainstorming is worth doing as 500 hundred titles can last a long time.

Reporting on a solution to a problem
It always makes great article material to write about a solution to a problem. No problem is too trivial to report on. If you have this problem, someone else can have the same problem, too, and your solution would be great information to share.

Inspiration from the newsletters you receive frequently
Conducting business in the Internet community, you are bound to sign up for some newsletters. Many people just delete them. I myself usually would give a quick skim to the article first. I find that some of them carry really valuable information. Here and there, I get inspired with topics to write about from these newsletters.

If you are mindful of finding materials for your articles, perhaps you can make use of your newsletters, too. if you need a good one, sign up for my Internet mini-course. You will also get 6 ebooks on money making online FREE.

Inspiration from continuously working on your home business
I find that I would come up with things to write about a lot more easily when I keep busy with my home business. This is because we tend to write about what we do. When I stalled for a couple of months before, it was really hard to find anything to talk about.

Therefore, stay connected to your business routine, and you will secure a big advantage to having topis to write about for your simple work from home opportunity.

These are just a few things that have worked for me. Everyone may feel differently about a given approach. Hope you find what works for you.

Ying Hong

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