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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Have An Actionable Game Plan for Your Work From Home Business


Having started with my online work from home opportunity for a while, I have realized how important it is have an actionable game plan for your online business pursuit. There are so many tasks that need to be done that without a game plan, the day may be lost easily in endless evaluation of which tasks to do first or doing things that are less essential.

A good game plan must be specific. For instance, "building backlinks" is not a good game plan, but "submitting an article to article directories" is better. An even better plan would have a specific title for the intended article and the names and number of directories already determined, like this:

Title of the article:
"The Benefits of Simple Work From Home Opportunities "

15 Directories to submit to:

The more concrete the task, the more likely it may get accomplished.

The trick to make a good game plan is to aim for simplicity. An action plan with one task to do has a better chance of being accomplished than a stressful load. For instance, it is admirable to plan to do one article, submit it to 15 directories, one blog post, bookmarking it to 40 social networking sites, submit your site to 50 web directories, and add a new page to your website all in a day's work. However, if you only have 1-2 hours to spare, all these tasks may be too many, and you may be discouraged to start on any. A more realistic plan would be to do a blog post and book marking it to social networking sites.

Don't be concerned that the plan is too simple. You want it to be simple enough to help you establish a routine.You can always add on more tasks later or whenever you have more time. The important thing is to cultivate a routine that becomes second nature to you in practice. Your simple work from home opportunity will have a better chance to grow if you have a work routine in place.

Thought of the day: Think success for your online home business, think game plans.

Ying Hong

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