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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Traffic to Your Website - Organic vs. Pay Per Click (PPC)

There are basically two types of traffic you can get to your work from home online business website: (1)organic traffic from the search engines (2)traffic through pay-per-click(ppc) advertising. Which's main difference between the two types, their respective pros and cons, and when to use either method? This post will answer these questions.

Organic search engine traffic

This is traffic that comes from the search engines. This is the best type of traffic as it is highly targeted. People who get to your website have already been searching for your business on the web and therefore are more likely than others to buy from you. If you have managed to beat your competitors and come up in the top half page of the page 1 of the search results, you are likely to get a lot of this organic traffic.

The pro of organic search engine traffic is that it is high quality. The con is that it is hard to accomplish. It is attainable but there is ususally no hope of instant gratification.

Pay-per-click traffic

This is traffic that you have bought through advertising with sites such as Google. You bid for your position on a given page of the search result for a specific keyword search term. People who search for that term will see some organic listing from the search engines as well as your link in the top and the right hand sections (as in Google), depending on how much your bid is, the higher the bid, the more prominent position your ad is placed on the page.

The pro of ppc is that it is easy to do and provides instant gratification. The con is that you have to incur cost consistently with your ad. If you are bidding for a highly competitive term, the cost per click can go really high. It is not surprising for some terms to go near $100/click.

Which option is better to promote your simple work from home opportunity?

For long term purpose, doing search engine optimization (SEO) online and offline for your business website is always better than paying to get the listing. Once you've established your web presence through tireless SEO online and offline, no one can take it away and you do not really need the ppc.

Building your web presence through continuous SEO activities is like working to pay off your mortgage; you will end up owning your house. On the other hand, ppc will have a place for you to live in as long as you pay the rent; but once you stop paying, the past rents add up to nothing that you can own.

That said, anything quick and easy has an edge despite its cost; this is the same with ppc. If you have a highly compelling sales page for a specific product, ppc may be a good choice as it provides instant targeted traffic with high likelihood of conversion. For certain niche products, there may not be a lot of people looking for it; but those who do are ready to buy. Ppc is perfect for this type of promotion.

Form most work from home opportunities online, the combination of both of the methods above is probably the way to go. On a daily basis, build your web presence through proven SEO stategies, such as aritlce marketing, blogging, web directory submission, etc. Then for any highly focused promotion items, whether it be a simple work from home opportunity or a single product, ppc make just add its flair to complement your general SEO effort.

Hope this post has been helpful to the newbies.

Ying Hong

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