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Friday, June 6, 2008

3 Pillars of A Success Strategy for Your Web Based Work From Home Opportunity


There are many ingredients to the success recipe of a work from home business on the Internet. None is as essential, effective, and indispensable as the following three components are the most.

1. Article marketing

Time and time again, article marketing comes up as the most recommended method to promote a web site. The reason is simple; it works powerfully. It is powerful as it combines original content with a link. The unique content is feasted upon by the search engines, making the link associated with it as high quality as it can be.

A well-written article may also catch the eye of many e-zine publishers who will publish your article in their respective sites, creating many more quality backlinks to your business site.

This is truly a method that has the top priority in all of your marketing routines.

2. Blogging

Blogging is another powerful method to promote a business website. Think about all the information you would like your customers to know about your product/service; put them down in writing and publish them as your blog posts. Prospects who chance upon your posts will appreciate the personal touch of your business information and are more likely to accept your product/services.

Blogging can also build backlinks to your own website. A blog is like a directory of mini articles, but one which you have complete control over. By all means use this method to build backlinks to your own web site and educate the mass about your business at the same time.

3. Directory Submission

Directory submission provides direct backlinks to your site. Although you do not typically have a lot of content surrounding that link, the fact that directories are intersections of the web traffic makes it important for you to own a spot there anyway. It is the simplest way to get a backlink.

Directory submission can be tedious work, but it is perfect to do when you do not feel inspired to write an article or blog post. You do not need to miss out on building some backlinks for your business during those dull moments.

The above 3 strategies are truly the pillars of a success strategy for work from home business. The best part of these strategies is that they can be done completely free if you can afford the time. If you don’t have the time, regardless, enlist services to get them done anyway. Simply apply them no matter what, and you will be that much closer to success.

Wish you success for your work from home business

Ying Hong

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