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Monday, June 9, 2008

Best Explanation on Duplicate Content - Free Report

Are you ever confused with the issues surrounding duplicate content? On one hand, it seems so forbidden by the search engines that a penalty may be dealt on anyone with duplicate content. On the other, one has to wonder that those multiple backlinks from the same article cannnot be all unique; why are the search engines OK with the duplicate content in this instance?

Confused no more. Now Article Marketer has released a report that dwells on the topic thoroughly. There really has not been a better explanation than this report that I have seen.

To summarize the gist of the debate: duplicate content will likely not hurt you if it is used properly. The rule of thumb is to
(i) give credit where it is due,
(ii) provide information with real value and
(iii) keep it fresh.

The bottomline is that it is OK to have duplicate content on your site when it adds real value to your prospective customers. Take caution to give the authors full credit. What needs to be penalized are spamming and plagerism.

This should put a lot minds at ease :-).

View the complete report here or download it for free.


Ying Hong

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1 comment:

Nikki said...

A content is the body and soul of a website, this gives a website its identity. so its better to make it fresh and unique.