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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Promote Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity with Blogs

If you are new to Internet marketing and are wondering what you should do next to promote your work from home opportunity on a daily basis, delay no more and start a blog. It is a simple, yet powerful tool to brand your business, get traffic to your urls, and build back links. It is also FREE.

Blogging builds web presence for your business. This strategy is completely under your control. All you need to do is to write something about your business. Write from a different angle everyday. The more you write about your business, the more the web will have a chance to learn about your business.

Blogging is easy. Unlike a formal article that needs to pass the scrutiny of editors when you submit your articles to web directories, a blog post can be anything you want. Just make sure to provide as much value as possible with each post and include as many affiliate links/your web sites as you like.

Blogging is feasted upon by the search engines. My personal experience shows that the newer the blog post, the higher it comes up on the search page, which in turn brings possibly more traffic. Webmasters work hard to do SEO to their websites just for the purpose of coming up on top of the search results. A simple blog post with well considered keywords can well accomplish that. Blog often to stay on top.

Blogging is free. Start with to set up a blog completely free, like this one. This is such a valuable resource that it is almost sinful not to make use of it. It is a platform from which you can advertize your business tirelessly without spending a cent.

Today's thought of the day, blog often and share with your imaginary visitors valuable information about and insight into your simple work from home opportunity. Let the search engines do the rest. If you blog consistently, there is only one thing the search engines will do - catapult your blog/business to the top.

Happy blogging!

Ying Hong

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