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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Favorite Free Web Tools

There are many free web tools out there. Some are more conveninet than others. Here are a few that I have found myself using quite often lately. -
to check backlinks as shown in Google, MSN and Yahoo. I like this website because it is easy to remember. -
to check the traffic rank. I go there every now and then to check my site as well as some other sites of interest, competitor sites included. -
for keyword research. I find this free tool prodcues the easiest to understand results.

4. -
to check how my keywords rank in the three major search engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo). You can put in three keyword phrases along with your url, and the result will tell you your position with each search engine.

5. -
to get an evaluation of your website from SEO perspective. You will get a comprehensive report tells you what to improve. This is a very useful tool. I wrote a separate article on the content of this report: "Cool Website Evaluation Tool for Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity ".

6. -
to check my traffic stats. I use it everyday. I find that Statcounter has the easiest to interpret reports. You can really learn where your visitors come from, the referral urls, what keywords brought the traffic, which pages were viewed for how long, etc.

7. DupeFreePro -
to check uniqueness of my rewritten articles. I downloaded this free tool and have found it vey easy to use. It compares two versions of an article and highlights the duplicate sections in corresponding colors. It also checks a given version against the web to help you determine the uniqueness an unfamiliar article. Further, it also has the LSI features.

I will share more free resources in the future.


Ying Hong

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